About Us

Izcoin was created by filmsabout.space in 2020 to allow the site visitors to view their movie posters, watch their trailers, read their critics and find all kinds of content related to cinema.

Izoin is human oriented. For us, everyone is equal. Our website is open to readers of all ages who want to make movie reviews and write about everything about cinema and want to evaluate their knowledge.

Visitors who want to write izcoin should not have published their articles in accordance with the ”Copyright“ law.

Articles, pictures and documents not deemed appropriate by the editors shall not be published and shall not be returned to the owner.

The editor can make additions, corrections, abbreviations and changes to your posts where he or she deems it appropriate, or advise the authors for where they need to be corrected. All articles and comments are published after the editor approves. The editor determines the date of publication of your articles. Responsibility for all published articles belongs to the owner.

Izcoin is based on volunteering. Therefore, our authors do not pay wages. Films about space criticizes every film that is made of it, without criticizing it, ignoring it, hurting it and asking it to be done. Films about space, cinema, no text and comments are given. No malicious comments are made to the author.

Life is a struggle. We will try to reach the highest level by making our struggle within the competition rules. In steps to be taken as we rise, we will not hesitate and protect our dignity in all conditions. We will stand upright against those who are trying to prevent us from escalating, we will not bend and bend against obstacles. With the brains, culture and knowledge of the soulful, determined and courageous friends who work with us, we will surely reach the goal.